Ancient History

Below are articles, books and video links on ancient history including the subject matter of ancient catastrophism and revised chronology sparked by the books published by Immanuel Velikovsky.

IntheBeginning TheDayoftheLord Beginner'sGuidetoElectricUniverse
TheBibleandEgypt TheDarkAgeofGreece TheAssyrianConquest
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WorldsinCollision AnElectricCosmology TheLongPathtoUnderstandingGravity
ThunderboltsoftheGods SymbolsofanAlienSky LightningScarredMars
AsitwasintheDaysofNoah BeyondStarWars ThePyramidsofEgypt
KeytoNWEuropeanOrigins TheLifeofJesusChrist-TheUntoldStory



Worlds in Collision (Immanuel Velikovsky)
In the Beginning (Immanuel Velikovsky)

On Saturn and the Flood (Immanuel Velikovsky)
The Ocean (Immanuel Velikovsky)
Velikovsky’s Successful Predictions (Pensee)
The Day of the Lord (Roger Waite)
The Flood, the Exodus and the Day of the Lord (Roger Waite)
Planetary Passover (Johnny Godowski)
An Alternate View of Venus (John Ackerman)
Mars and the Grand Canyon (Wal Thornhill)
The Electric Universe [Intro & Chapter 1] (Wal Thornhill & Dave Talbott)
Thunderbolts of the Gods [Chapter 1] (Wal Thornhill & Dave Talbott)
A Beginners View of Our Electric Universe (Tom Findlay)
Cosmos Without Gravitation (Immanuel Velikovsky)
The Electro-Gravitic Theory of Celestial Motion and Cosmology (Charles Ginenthal)
The Extinction of the Mammoth (Charles Ginenthal)
The Heavenly Signs of Amos and Isaiah’s Time (Carl Franklin)
The Iron Age of Mars (Alfred de Grazia)
Solaria Binaria – Origins and History of the Solar System (Alfred de Grazia)
The Saturn Theory (Ev Cochrane)
Saturn Theory Overview (Dave Talbott)
The Ring About the Earth at 2300BC (Moe Mandelkehr)
The River of Ocean (Dwardu Cardona)
The Demands of the Saturnian Configuration Theory (Dwardu Cardona)


The Bible and Egypt (Roger Waite)
Comparing Revised Chronologies and Determining Which Works Best (Roger Waite)
Straight Talk About the Exodus and Its Dating (Roger Waite)
The Bible and Egypt (8 part lecture series – 465 MB zipped file of Powerpoint files inc text in notes section for each + Bonus lecture from post-exile to NT)
In Search of a Correct Bible Chronology (Roger Waite)
Israelite Archaeology and Chronology (Roger Waite)
From Exodus to Sinai (Roger Waite)
Mesopotamian Chronology (Roger Waite)
Thesis for the Reconstruction of Ancient History (Immanuel Velikovsky)
Ages in Chaos (Immanuel Velikovsky)
Holbrook’s Velikovsky Revised Chronology Chart
Hammurabi and the Revised Chronology (Immanuel Velikovsky)
The Dark Age of Greece  (Immanuel Velikovsky)
The Assyrian Conquest (Immanuel Velikovsky)
Ages in Order (Alan Montgomery)
The 18th Dynasty and Stratigraphy (Alan Montgomery)
Greek Pottery, Dark Ages And Egyptian Chronology – Torr v Petrie (Alan Montgomery)
Dynasties 26 and 19 (Alan Montgomery)
The Hittite Problem (Alan Montgomery)
The Dark Age Problem (Alan Montgomery)
Stratigraphy Chart (Alan Montgomery)
Horemhab’s Tomb and its Implications (Alan Montgomery)
Peter James and the New Chronology v Velikovsky (Alan Montgomery)
Mesopotamian Chronology and the Exodus (Alan Montgomery)
The Problem of Mycenae (Alan Montgomery)
Egypt and Israel (David Down)
Joseph and the Engineering Wonders of Egypt (John Keyser)
The Downfall of Egypt and the Amalekites of the Bible (John Keyser)
The Egyptian Chronology of Confusion (John Keyser)
Jericho, Tell el-Daba and the End of the Middle Bronze Age (Steven Robinson)

Where was the Garden of Eden? (Roger Waite)
In the Beginning – Answers from Genesis (WCG)
As it was in the Days of Noah (Steven Collins)
Beyond Star Wars – Version 2 (William Dankenbring)
Dinosaurs Before Adam (WCG)
The Fossil Record of Early Man (Arnold Mendez)
Young Earth v Old Earth – Commonly Asked Questions (Arnold Mendez)
The Origin of the Races (Herman Hoeh)
The Temple Symbolism in Genesis (Ernest Martin)
The First 2500 Years of Human History (Roy Schulz)
Compendium of World History (Herman Hoeh)
Babel and Ur of the Chaldees (Ron Wyatt)
The Pyramids of Egypt – An Analysis of the Best Theories (Roger Waite)
Is Jebel Musa the correct Mt Sinai? (John Keyser)
King David’s Everlasting Dynasty (Raymond McNair)
Did King Solomon’s Fleets Visit America? (William Dankenbring)
Key to Northwest European Origins (Raymond McNair)
A Universal Language (Raymond McNair)
A Woman Rides the Bull Beast (Craig White)
Israel – A History of God’s Chosen People (Roger Waite)
Where Did the Other Tribes of Israel Migrate to? (Roger Waite)
The Persian Empire and the Bible (Roger Waite)
Historical Background of Rome and Parthia on the New Testament (Roger Waite)
The Temple Mount and Fort Antonio (Ernest Martin)
Just Where in Jerusalem Did Christ Die? (John Keyser)
The Cross of Christ (John Keyser)
The Life of Jesus Christ – The Untold Story (Steven Collins)
Where Did the Twelve Apostles Go? (Herman Hoeh)
Linguistic Evidence for the Dispersion of Israel (Terry Blodgett)
Phonological Similarities Between the Germanic Languages (inc English) and Hebrew (Terry Blodgett)
The New Testament Bible Story (Vol.1) (Keith Hunt)
The New Testament Bible Story (Vol.2) (Keith Hunt)
The New Testament Bible Story (Vol.3) (Keith Hunt)
The New Testament Bible Story (Vol.4) (Keith Hunt)
The New Testament Bible Story (Vol.5) (Keith Hunt)