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Below are articles and books that from various authors written on many biblical subjects from christian living, the plan of God for all of mankind, doctrinal topics and bible prophecy.

DISCLAIMER: The following articles from different writers in various branches of the Church of God and other sources I have found quite interesting and helpful. Having said that, not all points in these articles necessarily represent my own personal views or those of the church group which I attend (United Church of God [UCG] in Brisbane).

ChurchofGodBibleCommentary HarmonyoftheGospels AsitwasintheDaysofNoah The144000 AngelsDemons
MysteryoftheAges Australia-WheretoNow TheAppointedTimes MiddleEast AscenttoGreatness
OHowILoveYourLaw DatingandCourtship TheDayThatJesusDied KingDavid'sDynasty
NewTestamentBibleStoryVolume1 NewTestamentBibleStoryVolume2 NewTestamentBibleStoryVolume3 NewTestamentBibleStoryVolume4 NewTestamentBibleStoryVolume5

In the table below are links to other sites with major collections of books, booklets, magazines, videos, sermons and lectures

WCG Books and Booklets Plain Truth Good News WCG Youth material (up to 1986) Behind the Work & HWA telecasts
Dr Heoh sermons Melvin Rhodes sermons Craig White articles Sermons / Bible Studies by Hebert Armstrong & other ministers Herbert Armstrong & GTA radio programs
Misc Ambassador College & COG resources Ambassador College Major Prophets lectures Ambassador College Minor Prophets lectures Richard Paige AC Archaeology & History lectures Mordakhai Joseph’s Teaching the Law series
World Tomorrow telecasts from late 1980’s (post-HWA) UCG ARCHIVE

Mystery of the Ages [WCG]
The Incredible Human Potential [WCG]
Why Were You Born? [WCG]
Herbert W. Armstrong’s Last Sermon – The Plan of God [WCG]
MP3 Sermon
Mystery of the Kingdom [COGWA]
Tomorrow’s Wonderful World [RCG]
God’s Plan for Mankind Revealed by His Sabbath and Holy Days [CBCG]


Herbert W. Armstrong Remembered [RD]
WCG Statement of Beliefs – 1950’s version
Where Is the True Church and Its Incredible History! [RCG]
The Incredible History of God’s True Church [WCG]
History of the True Religion [COG7D]
Recent History of the Philadelphian Era [WWN June 24, 1985 by HWA]
A Chronological Overview of the WCG Doctrinal Changes 1986-95 [CW]
HWA’s 18 Restored Truths
The End-time Elijah – Has He Come Yet? [RFM]
Herbert W. Armstrong – His Life in Proper Perspective [RCG]
WN Tribute to HWA [10/2/86]
Answers to HWA Accusations [COGWR]
HWA – He Was Right [PCG]
There Came a Falling Away
[Dave Pack’s record of 280 doctrinal changes in the WCG]
Raising the Ruins [PCG]
HWA Letter to Newly Baptized Members [WCG]


The United States and Britain in Bible Prophecy [UCG]
The Middle East in Bible Prophecy [UCG]
The Middle East in History and Prophecy [RFM]
Middle Eastern and African Nations in Bible Prophecy [CEG]
The Fall and Rise of Britain and America [CEG]
Notes on the Lost Tribes of Israel Today [WCG]
Why Russia Will Not Attack America [HWA – Overview of the Book of Ezekiel]
Pax Germanica & U.S. of Europe – Or A New World Order – Which? [CW]
Yes…A Brighter Future is Coming! [WCG]
After the Millennium – The New Heavens and the New Earth [WCG]
America – A Reluctant Empire [UCG]
Jacob’s Trouble [UCG]
The Great Tribulation and Day of the Lord [CEG]
The Modern Romans [WCG]
The Rise of Europe [RCG]
A Woman Rides the Bull Beast [CW]
The Church, Europe and Christ’s Return [UCG]
The Book of Revelation [COGWA]
The Secret Rapture – Fact or Fiction? [WCG]
The Appointed Times of Jesus the Messiah [CBCG]
What is the Abomination of Desolation? [RCG]
The 144 000 [AB]
Germany in Prophecy [CEG]
Germany in Prophecy [PS]
Australia in Prophecy [CW]
Australia – Where to Now? [PCG]
South Africa in Prophecy [PCG]
Japan in Prophecy [FW]
Catholic Prophecy [Counterfeits to Bible prophecies] [UCG]
Israel in the World Tomorrow [CW]
Ezekiel’s Message – The Work of the Watchman [WCG]
When Do the Armies of Ezekiel 38 and 39 Invade Israel? [CW]
Revelation and the Holy Days [DH]
The Place of Safety Doctrine and the Church of God [CW]
God’s Temple in Prophecy [WCG]
The Book of Zechariah – Prophecies for Today [CEG]
Understanding the Minor Prophets [FN]
The Message of the Book of Malachi [FN]
Palestine and the Palestinians [RCG]
Solving the Arab-Israeli Impasse [RFM]
September 11 in Perspective [UCG]
One World [RD]
Assault on the Family [RCG]
A Generation of Pleasure Seekers [RCG]
The Alcohol Epidemic [RCG]
The New Gambling Plague [RCG]
The Tragedy of Drug Abuse [RCG]
The Immorality Explosion [RCG]
Why is Christianity Failing in America? [CBCG]
What’s Wrong With The Weather? [RCG]
The Day that Begins the End [WCG]
The 5 Foolish Virgins of Matthew 25 [FN]
Sex in the World Tomorrow [UCG]


In the Beginning – Answers from Genesis [WCG]
I’ll Make Me a World [RD]
Newly Discovered – The First River of Eden [JK]
As it was in the Days of Noah [SC]
The Origin of the Races [WCG]
The Temple Symbolism in Genesis [EM]
Genesis in Poetry [JR]
Exodus in Poetry [JR]
The First 2500 Years of Human History [WCG]
Compendium of World History [WCG]
Babel and Ur of the Chaldees [RW]
A Universal Language [RFM]
Joseph and the Engineering Wonders of Egypt [JK]
Egypt and Israel [DD]
Avaris and the Land of Goshen [JK]
Beyond Star Wars (original) [WD]
Beyond Star Wars (Original with chapters rearranged chronologically) [WD]
Beyond Star Wars (Version 2) [WD]
Who was the Pharoah of the Exodus? [WD]
Planetary Passover [JG]
Recently Discovered – The Berlin Wall of Ancient Egypt [JK]
The Egyptian Chronology of Confusion [JK]
The Downfall of Egypt and the Amalekites of the Bible [JK]
Is Jebel Musa the correct Mt Sinai? [JK]
King David’s Everlasting Dynasty [RFM]
Did King Solomon’s Fleets Visit America? [WD]
Seven Eras of Ancient Israel – Type of the Eras of the True Church? [CW]
UCG 2009 Israel Educational Tour Guide
The Temple Mount and Fort Antonio [EM]
Just Where in Jerusalem Did Christ Die? [JK]
The Cross of Christ [JK]
The Life of Jesus Christ – The Untold Story [SC]
The Historical Jesus [ECG]
Jesus Christ’s Last Sermon [WCG]
The Day Jesus the Christ Died [CBCG]
Ascent to Greatness [RFM]
Two Nations that Changed the World – America & Britain [CBCG]
Where Did the Twelve Apostles Go? [WCG]
Research on the Eastern Churches [CW]
How Did We Get the Bible? [RCG]
Biblical Keys to Canonization [EM]
Restoring the Original Bible [EM]
Linguistic Evidence for the Dispersion of Israel [TB]
Phonological Similarities Between the Germanic Languages (inc English) and Hebrew [TB]
Jewish Roots of European Nobility [UCG]
Scots – True Roots and History [CW]
10 Prophetic Clues Concerning Reuben [BO]
10 Prophetic Clues Concerning Issachar [BO]
10 Prophetic Clues Concerning Zebulun [BO]
10 Prophetic Clues Concerning Gad [BO]
10 Prophetic Clues Concerning Asher [BO]
10 Prophetic Clues Concerning Judah [BO]
The Israelites were White [BO]
Uncovering Scandinavian Roots [WCG]
Two Cheers for Colonialism [non-COG]
Seven Restorations of the Work of the Church of God [CW]
Amazing Temple Symbolism Found in Revelation 3 [CW]
Evidence for Eras [ECG]
The Complete Works of Josephus
The Two Babylons [IH]
The New Testament Bible Story (Vol.1) [KH]
The New Testament Bible Story (Vol.2) [KH]
The New Testament Bible Story (Vol.3) [KH]
The New Testament Bible Story (Vol.4) [KH]
The New Testament Bible Story (Vol.5) [KH]

The Sermon on the Mount [GCG]
The Way of the Heart [WCG]
The Joy of Salvation [UCG]
O How Love I Thy Law [NE]
Biblical Law [RN]
Old Testament Laws – Still Valid Today? [CEG]
The 613 Laws of the Old Testament [non-COG]
Laws of the Bible [non-COG]
The Law of the Covenant [non-COG]
The Exodus and Law Codes in the Torah [non-COG]
The Joy of the Sabbath [WCG]
The Good News of the Sabbath [SB]
How to Make the Sabbath a Delight [RCG]
Why the Sabbath Command to Assemble? [RCG]
Conquered by God [WCG]
The Apple of God’s Eye [AR]
Prepare to Be a King [WCG]
This is the Life – Real Abundant Living! [WCG]
How to Be Truly Happy [WCG]
The Beatitudes of Revelation [UCG]
Living Laws That Govern Relationships [UCG]
Grow in the Love of God [WCG]
The Little Things [UCG]
Caring for Each Other [UCG]
How to Be an Encourager [UCG]
You Can Overcome and Prevent Sin [RCG]
Exercise God’s Spirit [RCG]
What is Faith? [WCG]
Increasing Your Faith [UCG]
Stick Like Glue [UCG]
Love, Marriage and Sex [WCG]
The Gift of Sex [UCG]
Dating and Courtship God’s Way [RCG]
Richard Rice’s Notebook [WCG]
What is True Masculinity? [WCG]
The Ten Commandments of the Marriage Covenant [SB]
12 Pitfalls of Marriage [WCG]
Why Do Marriages Fail? [RD]
Should We Marry Outside the Church? [UCG]
The Commitment of Marriage [SB]
Train Your Children God’s Way [RCG]
God’s Bible Pathway For Children [CBCG]
Rearing a Moral Child [WCG]
A Generation at Risk [GCG]
Peer Pressure [WCG]
Countering the Culture [UCG]
Leaders for Tomorrow’s World [UCG]
The Next Generation [UCG]
Preaching the Gospel, Preparing a People [UCG]
Preparing the Bride of Christ [UCG]
Servant Based Leadership [UCG]
Judge Righteous Judgment [CBCG]
Five Steps in Noah’s Walk with God [UCG]
New Testament Sacrifices [KH]
The Power of Intercessory Prayer [UCG]
Emotional Maturity [UCG]
Humility [KH]
Zeal [UCG]
Real Thankfulness [UCG]
Satan’s Defintion of BUSY [non-COG]
The Lesson of Job [UCG]
The Seven Spirits of Satan [UCG]
Touch Not the Unclean Thing [UCG]
The Women’s Work [KH]
Caring for the Widows and Elderly [UCG]
Managing Your Finances [WCG]
Managing Your Finances [UCG]
Making Life Work [UCG]
God’s Principles of Healthful Living [RCG]
Seven Laws of Success [WCG]
Is Drinking a Sin? [RCG]
The Truth About Smoking [RCG]
Study to Show Thyself Approved [RCG]


Fundamental Doctrines of the United Church of God [UCG]
Church of God Bible Commentary [UCG]
Global Church of God statement of beliefs
[Preliminary document after the LCG split in 1998]
The Bible’s Difficult Scriptures Explained [RCG]
Who is God? [UCG]
Creation or Evolution? [UCG]
Is There Really a Devil? [UCG]
Angels, Spirits and the Demon World [CEG]
Angels: God’s Messengers and Spirit Army [UCG]
Witches, Wizards and Spirits – Grave and Growing Danger [RCG]
Heaven and Hell [UCG]
Holidays or Holy Days? [UCG]
Biblical Holy Days [RN]
Occult Holidays or God’s Holy Days—Which? [CBCG]
The Christian Passover [CBCG]
The Wave Sheaf of Israel and the Firstfruits of God [COGWT]
The Feast of Tabernacles and the Millennium in History [WCG]
Santa Claus – The Great Imposter [non-COG]
Sunset to Sunset – God’s Sabbath Rest [UCG]
Principles of Sabbath Observance [UCG]
How Did Sunday Keeping Begin? [SB]
Born Again [AB]
The Born Again Teaching in the Light of History and Biblical Salvation Principles [CW]
Abortion – Woman’s Choice or Modern Holocaust [RCG]
Transforming Your Life – The Process of Conversion [UCG]
Who is God Calling Now? [UCG]
Laying on of Hands [UCG]
Biblical Health and Healing [RN]
A Harmony of the Gospels [MM]
A Harmony of the Gospels — The Life of Jesus Christ [CBCG] 
Saved by Grace [KH]
Circumcision of the Heart [BS]
Are Christians Freed from the Old Covenant? [RCG]
Did the Ten Commandments Precede Moses? [RCG]
Evolution – Facts Fallacies and Implications [RCG]
God, or No God? Some Clues From Science [CBCG]
Is There a Gap between Genesis 1:1 and 1:2? [UCG]
Study Paper   Video Sermon
Young Earth v Old Earth – Commonly Asked Questions [UCG]
The Fossil Record of Early Man [UCG]
Heavens and Earth Before and After the First Man [CEG]
Dinosaurs Before Adam [WCG]
You are Gods! [FN]
God’s Glory and Man’s Destiny [CW]
God the Refiner [UCG]
Refined as Silver [UCG]
Is It Wrong to Have Pictures of Christ? [EM]
Did Jesus Have Long Hair? [RCG]
Should a Christian Wear a Cross? [RCG]
Baptism from the Old Testament Period to the End of Times [CW]
What is the “Better Resurrection” in the Letter to the Hebrews? [CW]
The Message of the Book of Hebrews [FN]
The Sacrificial System and Tabernacle in the Wilderness [CEG]
Design and Development of the Holy Scriptures [EM]
The Truth About God’s Calendar [RCG]
Which Calendar Has God Authorized? [RFM]
What are the Postponements? [RFM]
New Moons [UCG]
Should Christians Use Sacred Names? [RCG]
Should Christians Vote? [RCG]
Godly Governance [UCG]
Unity in God’s Church [UCG]
War, Killing and the Military [RCG]
The Plain Truth About Islam [PS]
Judaism — Revelation of Moses or Religion of Men? [CBCG]
The Truth About Polygamy [RCG]
Hypnosis in the Bible [IV]
Satan’s Fate [WD]
The Bible and the Ultimate Reality [WCG]
Time and the Eternity of God [WCG]
The Deep Things of God [RA]


WCG – Worldwide Church of God (prior to doctrinal apostasy of the 1990’s)
UCG – United Church of God
RCG – Restored Church of God
CBCG – Christian Biblical Church of God
PCG – Philadelphia Church of God
CEG – Church of the Eternal God
ECG – Eternal Church of God
GCG – Global Church of God
COGWA – Church of God, a Worldwide Association
COGWT – Church of God, Williamstown
COG7D – Church of God, 7th Day
CW – Craig White
RFM – Raymond McNair
RD – Ron Dart
AB – Art Braidic
JK – John Keyser
WD – William Dankenbring
SC – Steven Collins
EM – Ernest Martin
FN – Frank Nelte
KH – Keith Hunt
NE – Norm Edwards
RN – Richard Nickels
PS – Peter Salemi
FW – Future Watch
DH – David Hill
MM – Mark Mager
BO – Bert Otten
RA – Ron Ardis
JR – Joan Roe
BS – Breen Schipke
AR – Alan Rector
DD – David Down
TB – Terry Blodgett
SB – Samuele Bacchiochi
JG – Johnny Godowski
IV – Immanuel Velikovsky
IH – Ian Hislop
COGWR – cogwriter
non-COG – Non Church of God author