Gold Coast Pre 1950’s

1770 Cook's Journey1770 Cook's Journey 1840 Survey map of Dixon showing the Gold Coast1840 Survey map of Dixon showing the Gold Coast 1860's map of Stradbroke Island1860's map of Stradbroke Island 1880's Timber cutting along the Nerang River1880's Timber cutting along the Nerang River 1884 Rainbow Beach1884 Rainbow Beach 1885 Burleigh Heads and Miami Beach1885 Burleigh Heads and Miami Beach 1885 Miami from Burleigh Heads1885 Miami from Burleigh Heads 1885 Point Danger1885 Point Danger 1889 Unknown Gold Coast beach1889 Unknown Gold Coast beach 1890 Pimpama Methodist Church1890 Pimpama Methodist Church 1890 Stradbroke Island before it broke into two islands in 18981890 Stradbroke Island before it broke into two islands in 1898 1890's Burleigh Lodge1890's Burleigh Lodge 1890's Coolangatta and Tweed River from Razorback hill1890's Coolangatta and Tweed River from Razorback hill 1890's Oxenford house1890's Oxenford house 1891 Southport Pier and almost no Spit in front of it1891 Southport Pier and almost no Spit in front of it 1892 Southport1892 Southport 1894 Camirs Wallace wreck off Stradbroke Island1894 Camirs Wallace wreck off Stradbroke Island 1894 Grand Hotel Labrador1894 Grand Hotel Labrador 1899 Wharf St Tweed Heads1899 Wharf St Tweed Heads 1900 Coolangatta1900 Coolangatta 1900's Canungra Creek1900's Canungra Creek 1900's Coach service along Burleigh beach1900's Coach service along Burleigh beach 1900's Federal Hotel and an early motorised buggy1900's Federal Hotel and an early motorised buggy 1900's Gaven's Coach1900's Gaven's Coach 1900's Grand Hotel Labrador1900's Grand Hotel Labrador 1900's Greenmount from Point Danger1900's Greenmount from Point Danger 1900's Meyer's Ferry to what would later be Cavill Avenue1900's Meyer's Ferry to what would later be Cavill Avenue 1900's Palm Beach coach1900's Palm Beach coach 1900's Shipping on Tweed and Customs house1900's Shipping on Tweed and Customs house 1900's Southport and The Spit1900's Southport and The Spit 1900's Southport1900's Southport 1900's Tighe's Hotel Tweed Heads1900's Tighe's Hotel Tweed Heads 1904 Coolangatta1904 Coolangatta 1908 Greenmount1908 Greenmount 1908 Nerang1908 Nerang 1909 Steamer at mouth of the Tweed River1909 Steamer at mouth of the Tweed River 1910 Southport1910 Southport 1910 Tugun1910 Tugun 1910 Tweed River mouth1910 Tweed River mouth 1910's Boundary St Coolangatta1910's Boundary St Coolangatta 1910's Burleigh Heads1910's Burleigh Heads 1910's Greenmount1910's Greenmount 1910's Rainbow Beach1910's Rainbow Beach 1910's Tweed Heads beach1910's Tweed Heads beach 1910's Tweed Heads1910's Tweed Heads 1912 Coolangatta1912 Coolangatta 1913 Currumbin1913 Currumbin 1914 Coolangatta from the air1914 Coolangatta from the air 1915 Surfers Paradise Land Sale1915 Surfers Paradise Land Sale 1918 Wells Hotel Tweed Heads1918 Wells Hotel Tweed Heads 1920 Burleigh Heads1920 Burleigh Heads 1920's Beechmont dairy land1920's Beechmont dairy land 1920's Burleigh Heads in colour1920's Burleigh Heads in colour 1920's Burleigh Heads1920's Burleigh Heads 1920's Coolangatta Beach1920's Coolangatta Beach 1920's Currimbin Beach1920's Currimbin Beach 1920's Currumbin Beach store1920's Currumbin Beach store 1920's Currumbin Creek1920's Currumbin Creek 1920's Currumbin Hotel1920's Currumbin Hotel 1920's Dancing near Burleigh1920's Dancing near Burleigh 1920's Greenmount Lodge1920's Greenmount Lodge 1920's Greenmount1920's Greenmount 1920's Jim Cavill's Surfers Paradise Hotel1920's Jim Cavill's Surfers Paradise Hotel 1920's Kirra Beach view1920's Kirra Beach view 1920's Kirra Beach1920's Kirra Beach 1920's Looking to Greenmount1920's Looking to Greenmount 1920's Main Beach1920's Main Beach 1920's Nerang1920's Nerang 1920's Tweed Heads from Greenmount1920's Tweed Heads from Greenmount 1922 Greenmount1922 Greenmount 1922 Nerang State School1922 Nerang State School 1922 Palm Beach land sale1922 Palm Beach land sale 1923 Tweed Heads1923 Tweed Heads 1924 Tallebudgera1924 Tallebudgera 1925 Miami Hotel1925 Miami Hotel 1925 Surfers Paradise Hotel1925 Surfers Paradise Hotel 1926 Cavill Avenue1926 Cavill Avenue 1926 Queensland Hotel Coolangatta1926 Queensland Hotel Coolangatta 1926 Southport Bridge1926 Southport Bridge 1927 Pier Theatre Southport1927 Pier Theatre Southport 1927 Surfers Paradise Hotel1927 Surfers Paradise Hotel 1928 Tugun1928 Tugun 1929 Currumbin1929 Currumbin 1930 Elephant Rock1930 Elephant Rock 1930 Miami1930 Miami 1930's Burleigh Heads1930's Burleigh Heads 1930's Cane Growing in Tweed area1930's Cane Growing in Tweed area 1930's Coolangatta1930's Coolangatta 1930's Kirra Beach Road1930's Kirra Beach Road 1930's Kirra1930's Kirra 1930's Southport Broadwater1930's Southport Broadwater 1930's Surfers Paradise Surf Club1930's Surfers Paradise Surf Club 1930's The Spit1930's The Spit 1930's Tweed Heads1930's Tweed Heads 1930's View from Kirra hill1930's View from Kirra hill 1936 Nerang1936 Nerang 1937 Coolangatta1937 Coolangatta 1937 The Spit1937 The Spit 1938 Cavill Avenue and Surfers Paradise1938 Cavill Avenue and Surfers Paradise 1938 Cavill Avenue1938 Cavill Avenue 1938 Jim Cavill in the gardens of his Surfers Paradise Hotel1938 Jim Cavill in the gardens of his Surfers Paradise Hotel 1938 Main St Tweed Heads1938 Main St Tweed Heads 1938 Nerang St Southport1938 Nerang St Southport 1939 Mermaid Beach1939 Mermaid Beach 1939-45 World War II on the Gold Coast1939-45 World War II on the Gold Coast 1940's Beach Fish Hauls1940's Beach Fish Hauls 1940's Bilinga beach1940's Bilinga beach 1940's Border between Coolangatta and Tweed Heads1940's Border between Coolangatta and Tweed Heads 1940's Border Gate Coolangatta Tweed Heads1940's Border Gate Coolangatta Tweed Heads 1940's Border Gate Coolangatta1940's Border Gate Coolangatta 1940's Burleigh beach1940's Burleigh beach 1940's Cafe Cathay1940's Cafe Cathay 1940's Coolangatta1940's Coolangatta 1940's Currumbin Beach (2)1940's Currumbin Beach (2) 1940's Currumbin Beach1940's Currumbin Beach 1940's Ferry Road Surfers Paradise1940's Ferry Road Surfers Paradise 1940's Gold Coast Highway Surfers Paradise1940's Gold Coast Highway Surfers Paradise 1940's Kirra beach1940's Kirra beach 1940's Kirra1940's Kirra 1940's Natural Arch1940's Natural Arch 1940's Nerang River1940's Nerang River 1940's Nobby's Beach Miami1940's Nobby's Beach Miami 1940's Painting of Gold Coast from air1940's Painting of Gold Coast from air 1940's Pool at Burleigh Heads1940's Pool at Burleigh Heads 1940's Southport from the air1940's Southport from the air 1940's Southport1940's Southport 1940's Surfers Paradise and Nerang River1940's Surfers Paradise and Nerang River 1940's Surfers Paradise Hotel1940's Surfers Paradise Hotel 1940's Tallebudgera Creek1940's Tallebudgera Creek 1940's Tugun and Bilinga1940's Tugun and Bilinga 1940's Tugun beach1940's Tugun beach 1940's Tugun1940's Tugun 1940's Tweed Heads Border Gate1940's Tweed Heads Border Gate 1940's Tweed Heads1940's Tweed Heads 1948 Kirra Point1948 Kirra Point 1948 Kirra1948 Kirra 1948 Pacific Parade Currumbin1948 Pacific Parade Currumbin 1949 Currumbin1949 Currumbin easily generate web photo galleriesby v6.1