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United Church of God
United Church of God (Australia)
Beyond Today (UCG magazine)
Beyond Today (UCG weekly telecast)
UCG Video and Audio Sermons
UCG Members Site
UCG Youth – Teen Bible Study Guides
UCG Youth sermons
Restored Church of God
The Real Truth
HWA & COG Searchable Literature & Audio Library
Herbert Armstrong/Church of God Library
Church of God Archives
Origin of Nations Home Page
Church of the Eternal God
Eternal Church of God (Art Braidic’s site)
CEM Website
Giving and Sharing
Christian Biblical Church of God
Friends of the Sabbath
Bible Blessings (Purchase books by Steven Collins)
Keith Hunt’s Website
Bible Places
Patterns of Evidence (DVD – Evidence for the Exodus)
Articles on the Bible and Science

Bible Study Site

Brit-am (Jewish site on the Lost Tribes)
Appendices to Bullinger’s Companion Bible
Breaking Free (Help with addictions)
Every Man Series (Resources for those with sexual problems)
Fred Stoeker Blog (Help with sexual issues)
Life Church (Excellent christian living messages by Craig Groeschel)
Life Church Podcasts (Download Life Church video messages)
Michael Rood (A Rood Awakening)
Answers in Creation (Old Earth evidence website)
Creation Evidence Museum
Dr James Dobson’s Blog
Focus on the Family short videos



National Rugby League Website
Queensland Rugby League
Brisbane Broncos
Brisbane Bombers NRL bid
Souths Logan Magpies
English Super League
Cricket Australia
World Cricket Records
World Test Match Series Results
World Test Match Records
World ODI Series Results
World ODI Records
World T20 Records
World First Class Cricket Results
World List A (Domestic One-Day) Records
Australian Cricket Records
Australia Test Series Results
Australia One-Day Results
Australia T20 Results
Brisbane Bandits
Super Rugby





The Hidden Secrets of Money (Mike Maloney)
Project Prophecy video (Jim Rickards on future of Global economy)
Financial Sense



World Travel Pictures
World Travel Images
Google Maps
Panoramic Photos of Switzerland
Switzerland Vacations
360 degree panoramas of Israel
Peter Lik’s website
Travel Video Store



Hubble Space Telescope Images
NASA Images
Astronomy Picture of the Day Archive
Jet Propulsion Laboratory (space probe images)
Brisbane Astronomical Society
Backyard Astronomy Basics



World Mysteries
The Immanuel Velikovsky archive
Thunderbolts of the Gods website
Holoscience (Wal Thornhill’s Electric Universe site)
Ancient Destructions
Everything Electric (EU & Saturn Cosmology)
The Electric Sky
Catastrophism! Man, Myth and Mayhem in
Ancient History

SIS Catastrophism & Chronology Links
Archaeological Diggings Magazine
Advanced Machining in Ancient Egypt
Ancient Wisdom site on the Pyramids
The Prehistoric Alignment of World Wonders
Historical works, Apocrypha & Pseudipegrapha
The History Channel



The Back Pew
After Eden
Failblog Demotivational



Marvel Superhero Movies
Star Wars
Star Trek
Babylon 5 Episode Guides
Young Indiana Jones
TV Episode Guides
Trailer Addict – Movie Trailers



OhGizmo! (Gadgets and New Technology)
MP3 Million
EU Observer
Races of the World
Biblioz – Out of print booksearch
The Ultimate Collection of Windows Software
Mike Oldfield Dark Star site