My Articles and Books

Below are articles and books that I have written and compiled on many biblical subjects from christian living, the plan of God for all of mankind, doctrinal topics and bible prophecy. You will also find below VIDEO links of some of my powerpoint presentations and sermonettes.

NOTE: The material presented in the following articles and books are my own personal views to the best that I understand them NOT of any church group though they mostly align with the church group that I currently attend (UCG).

They are subject to change as I learn more about them and find points that need changing. Comments and critique on the material from any readers out there are welcome in the quest to learn more about these subjects.

TheYoungAdultsBibleStudyCourse TheYouthBibleStudyCourse DreamingAboutTheWorldTomorrow TheTimeofJacob'sTrouble Daniel's70WeeksProphecy
InSearchofaCorrectBibleChronology TheBibleandEgypt ThePyramidsofEgypt OurEmotionalGod AnAnalysisofWCGDoctrinalChanges
 Man'sHistoryfromAdamtoAbraham  IsraeliteArchaeologyandChronology  ISRAEL-AHistoryofGod'sChosenPeople  YoungEarthvOldEarth  TheDayoftheLord


This is a compilation of the best quotes from various books from others plus some of my own thoughts on these subjects:


God’s Plan for Man and the Angels (101 pages)
Our Emotional God
The Pearl of Great Price
Understanding God’s Plan During Times of Trouble
You Can Be a Part of the Greatest Cause Ever!

Dreaming About the World Tomorrow
The Time of Jacob’s Trouble
The Day of the Lord
Daniel’s 70 Weeks Prophecy
The Abomination of Desolation and 70 Weeks Prophecy
An Analysis of Prophecy Viewpoints (288 pages)
Elijah and the Two Witnesses
The 144 000 and the Great Multitude
Is There a Rapture?
The Book of Zechariah
The Middle East in Prophecy
The Spark that sets off the Great Tribulation
Who Conquers Modern Israel in the End Time?
Just What Will Be the New World Order?
The Mark of the Beast
An Analysis of Catholic Prophecy
An Analysis of “The Late Great Planet Earth”
Is America in Bible Prophecy?
The Ezra-Nehemiah Chronology Problem and its Effect on Daniel’s 70 weeks Prophecy
Parallels between the First Exodus and the Coming Exodus
Financial History and Bible Prophecy
The Future World Economy
Bible Prophecies about the Gentile Nations (66 pages)

The Bible and Egypt
The Exodus – Myth or Reality?
Straight Talk About the Exodus and Its Dating
From Exodus to Sinai
Israel – A History of God’s Chosen People
Where Did the Other Tribes of Israel Migrate to?
The Lost History of Jerusalem
Historical Background of Rome and Parthia on the New Testament
The Life and Times of Joseph
David – A Man After God’s Own Heart
The City of David Today
Why Did Many of the Good Kings of Israel and Judah Stumble Late in Life?
In Search of a Correct Bible Chronology
Dating the Time of the Creation of Man
Bible Names
Where was the Garden of Eden?
Biblical History from Adam to Abraham
The Flood, the Exodus and the Day of the Lord (63 pages)
The Pyramids of Egypt
Israelite Archaeology and Chronology
Mesopotamia in History and Prophecy
Mesopotamian Chronology
The Persian Empire and the Bible
A Bible Title Search on the Lands of the World


The Young Adults Bible Study Course
The Youth Bible Study Course
The Wonders of the Bible
Young Earth v Old Earth
Age of the Earth – 6000 Years or Much Older?
Do You Have an Immortal Soul?
Is There Hope For Those Who Do Not Turn to God in this Life?
What’s the Difference Between the Commandments, Statutes and Judgments?
Called, Chosen and Faithful
An Analysis of the WCG Doctrinal Changes (323 pages)
Just What Do You Mean – Born Again?
Interracial Marriage
Are They Born That Way?
Why Did God Choose Israel?
Acts 15 and the Debate over Circumcision
Baptism – Its History and Symbolism
Did Jesus Christ Pre-exist in Old Testament Times?
Jesus Christ and His Bride
The Seven Last Sayings of Christ on the Cross
The Parable of the Unjust Steward
The Parable of Lazarus and the Rich Man
The Gates of Hell
Emotional Healing
Satan’s Fate
Santa and Other Counterfeits of Satan
Why Some Christians Eat Fish on Good Friday and Other Easter Customs
Just What is an Apostle?
A Critique of Dr Stavrinidies on the Nature of God
A Critique of Earl Williams on Grace by Faith Alone
A Critique of the WCG Doctrinal Changes on the Old and New Covenants
The Government Budget and God’s View on Debt


The Exodus – Myth or Reality?
A Vision of God’s Kingdom
From Egypt to the Promised Land (Password – roger)
The Pearl of Great Price (Hope That Is In You) (Password – roger)
The Feast of Tabernacles and the Millennium (Password – roger)
The Feast of Ingathering (Password – roger)
The Miracles of Jesus: A Foretaste of God’s Kingdom (Password – roger)
Historical Background of Rome & Parthia on the New Testament (Password is roger)
Lessons from Abraham
Lessons from Isaac
Lessons from Joshua and the Conquest
Lessons from Ruth
Lessons from Samson
Lessons from Saul
Lessons from David
Lessons from Solomon
Lessons from Jehoshaphat (Password – roger)
Who and What is God (Part 1)
God’s Holy Days
The Day of the Lord
The Mark of the Beast
Following God in a Selfie-Centred World (Password – roger)
Santa and Other Counterfeits of Satan
Just What Do You Mean…Born Again?
Just When Are We Saved?
Low Self Esteem
Iron Sharpens Iron (Password – roger)
Spiritual Blindness (Password – roger)
What’s in a Name? (Meanings of Bible Names)
Jesus and the Bride of Christ
How Does God’s Spirit Move Us?
The Fruit of the Spirit is … Love
The Fruit of the Spirit is … Joy
The Fruit of the Spirit is … Peace
The Fruit of the Spirit is … Patience
The Fruit of the Spirit is … Kindness
The Fruit of the Spirit is … Goodness
The Fruit of the Spirit is … Faith
The Fruit of the Spirit is … Meekness
The Fruit of the Spirit is … Self Control


What is Love?
The Greatest Commandment
God’s Great Generosity
The Fruit of the Spirit is … Love
Consider the Goodness and Severity of God
The Power of Kindness
The Truth Shall Set You Free
Conviction or Preference?
What is Godly Jealousy?
Just What Do You Mean…Faith in God?
Just What Do You Mean…the Fear of God?
Following God in a Selfie-Centred World
Friendship – A Lost Art in the Church of God?
Get to Know Your Spiritual Family
Distinguishing between the Clean and the Unclean
Creating an Environment for Growth
Low Self-Esteem
Iron Sharpens Iron
How to Be an Encourager
You are the Temple of God
Guard Your Heart
How Does God’s Spirit Move Us?
The Seed that Fell Among Thorns
How Will We Be Judged By Our Words?
Blessed Are The Peacemakers
The Link Between Deep Pain and Deep Repentance
Are You Conforming or Transforming?
The Way of Escape is Through the Trial
The Differences Between First and Second Generation Christians
Five Key Attitudes of a Man after God’s Own Heart
Lessons From David’s Flight to the Philistines
Lessons from Ruth
I Can Resist Everything But Temptation (And Chocolate)
The Kingdom of God is a Party
Tap into the Power of Prayer
Bible Study
What Does Baptism Mean to You?
What is True Masculinity?


This is a compilation of the best quotes from various books from others plus some of my own thoughts on these subjects:

1] Love and Friendship (52 pages)
2] God’s Laws, Statutes and Judgments (368 pages)
3] The Seven Deadly Sins (73 pages)
4] The Singles Scene (110 pages)
5] Marriage (120 pages)
6] Childrearing (55 pages)
7] How to Live a Balanced Life (90 pages)


The Symbolism of God’s Holy Days
Lessons from the Passover and the Unleavened Bread Season
The Night To Be Much Remembered
The Wavesheaf Offering
The Resurrection and the Wavesheaf Offering
Becoming like the Acts 2 Church
Atonement v Division
The Feast of Ingathering
Colossians 2 and the Holy Days
Is There More To Keeping God’s Days Than Meets the Eye?