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Below are photo galleries, books and video links on the greatest game of all, Rugby League, including BRL history, the Broncos and Queensland rugby league history.


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A History of Brisbane Rugby League Volume 1
The BRL Premiership (1909-1997)
(PDF file – 161MB – 593 pages)
A History of Brisbane Rugby League Volume 2
The Queensland Cup (1996-2021)
(PDF file – 60MB – 250 pages)
The Glory Days of the Brisbane Rugby League (1977 to 1987)
(PDF file – 310 pages – 952 pages)

Glory Glory to the Magpies –
A History of Southern Suburbs RLFC
(PDF file – 96 MB – 96 pages)

Miscellaneous BRL History

A History of the Post-Broncos BRL & QLD Cup


The Amco Cup to the Panasonic Cup (A History of Qld Teams in the National Midweek Competition


A Pictorial History of Brisbane Rugby League
(Club Football and Representative Rugby League)
(PDF file – 222 MB – 176 pages)

Brisbane Rugby League & Queensland Cup (69 MB)
Brisbane/SEQ clubs in ARL/NRL (42 MB)
Brisbane Representative Football (20 MB)
Queensland Representative Football (74 MB)
Brisbane Test Matches (16 MB)

Winfield State League Results (1982-1995)

Blog PostMy Suggestions to Improve Rugby League

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with highlights of BRL Grand Finals from the 1960’s
to the most recent Queensland Cup Grand Final
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Rugby League Project (Statistics site)
NRL Stats
QRL website
Souths Logan Magpies
Brisbane Broncos